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Good news for all bikers with spine-problems: the German bicycle-manufacturer Schauff now offers five suspended touring-bikes. The both 26- and 28-inch-wheel-allrounders are equipped with the Sachs-7-speed- or the Shimano-Alivio-21-gear-system.

Heart of these bikes is the rear-suspension with an oil-filled shock-absorber from the automotive industry. In combination with an adjustable steel-spring the absorber enables even rheumatism-sufferers to enjoy the pleasure of biking.

The 28" models Caracalla (7 or 21 gears), Abanoterme and Montecatini all come with suspension fork. A very low step-in of only 35cm charaterizes the ISCHIA with 26" wheels and Sachs 7-speed hub.

Equipped with a sportive saddle they also can be used as comfortable trekking-bikes.

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